Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

L2Warlock Blog Moved!

Please join us at our new home!

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Also, please note that the link above is a temporary link. I'm registering a new DNS name and will be using that to direct people to our blog. Tentatively it will be

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Glyph of CoA

Does NOT add 33% to the last tick.

I'm seeing this everywhere and I MUST correct it.

I repeat, it does NOT add 33% damage to the final tick.

For a properly spec'd afflock:
It adds 97 damage to the previous tick. In fact, Curse of Agony was changed now, that each "series" of ticks now does 97 damage more than the previous "series". The glyph adds a 4th "series" that is 4 seconds long and 2 ticks.

Friday, January 9, 2009

How Stupid Can Someone Be

cliff notes:

"hi, i go to gold selling websites known for having trojans, keyloggers, etc, from my OFFICIAL DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE COMPUTER AT WORK".

That guy should be fired, and then shot. Makes me feel better knowing someone that stupid is working at the DoD.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

L2Warlock Blog Moving?

To our devoted readers, we are considering moving our Blog to the Warlock's Den. Akasha has done great things for warlocks with his site, and it would be an honor to host our blog there. However, we do also care what you all think! So, if you can provide us with feedback on this possible change, we'd really love to hear it! You can post comments, or if you wish to do so privately, email us at

Here is a sample of a WOWMB blog:

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Warlock's Den.

Just wanted to give a shout out to The Warlock's Den,

I added a banner for that site at the bottom of this blog as well. It's a great site with anything and everything you need to know about your warlock. I also contribute there as well. Thanks to Akasha for such a great site!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Raiding Spec Roundup - Part 2 - 53/3/15

Today's build is a 53/3/15 build, Haunt/Ruin with Improved Imp. The imp is the affliction pet of choice at the moment, mainly because of felhunter bugs, along with a boosted imp mana regen rate which allows him to never go OOM in most raids. For the rotation, see my previous blog post on affliction raiding. Below 25% on a boss, I use drain soul as my filler, and I drop immolate from my rotation. There are a few points here or there that can vary in this build. However one thing I must stress is that once you're using decent gear, any 1 point in ISB is better than 1 point in Molten Core.

It probably goes without saying this is one of my favorite builds. I was able to pull 5700 dps on patchwerk last night using a Doomguard, though we had a bit of lag, so I think I could have done more. (Oh what I wouldn't give for one lag-free night of raiding these days) This build is also probably one of the most difficult specs to raid with. It's a complicated spec that requires absolute focused attention, the use of DoTimer, and coordination. Blizzard is going to be simplifying this spec in some way, which will be a welcome change for most. Especially considering that when the content becomes more difficult, this spec will too.

This spec thus far has been edging out the competition to seemingly be THE top dps spec. Several warlocks have broken the 6k dps barrier with this spec. The more you have to move around while using this spec, the more difficult keeping the rotations becomes. Some argue this spec loses more when you have to move around compared to other specs, but there is no way to quantify one way or the other with any certainty. But, played correctly, this spec is truly awesome.

This spec also scales far better than some might think. Haste is actually great for this spec, as it allows you to get through rotations quicker, throw more nukes in between refreshes, and ramp back up after dps pauses due to fight mechanics. It benefits tremendously from spell damage, and benefits from spirit more than any other spec as well. Simulations show this spec actually scales better than any other spec that warlocks have.

Even with the difficult rotations, I have to rate this spec 10/10. Well played, it's a kick ass spec in every sense of the word.