Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Glyph of CoA

Does NOT add 33% to the last tick.

I'm seeing this everywhere and I MUST correct it.

I repeat, it does NOT add 33% damage to the final tick.

For a properly spec'd afflock:
It adds 97 damage to the previous tick. In fact, Curse of Agony was changed now, that each "series" of ticks now does 97 damage more than the previous "series". The glyph adds a 4th "series" that is 4 seconds long and 2 ticks.


beckon said...

hello fallen, are the best 3 glyphs would be CoA,SL and immolate?

Fallenman said...


Cody said...

What are the base damage ticks for the spell? Are the final 2 ticks a 33% increase (which happens to be the flat 97 we've seen) over the last ticks of the base damage?

Dragoon said...

Hello Fallen, do you know if the Felguard Glypth has been increased? I heard a Lock saying it was buffed from 10% to 20% increased damage, but I couldn't find that in the patch notes. I may switch back to 0/41/30 if this is true. Thanks

Nibuca said...

From the patch notes:
Curse of Agony will now scale better when used with the Glyph of Curse of Agony. Ticks beyond the original duration will do 33% more damage than the ticks that preceded them. i.e. 74 -> 145 -> 217 -> 290.

My reading is that the glyph adds two more ticks to CoA. Those two ticks are 33% bigger than the "normal" last ticks of CoA.

Ie, last tick was 271. New two ticks are 217 + 217/3 = 290.

I haven't tested this with the glyph.


Fallenman said...

@ cody. It's not a 33% increase. :p My blog post even states this.

@ dragoon, it was supposed to be increased, but i have not seen first hand so i dont know.

@ nibuca. the patch notes appear to be incorrect. it's not a flat % increse. it's a flat 97 damage increase.

For example. If your last ticks did 200, then the glyph'd ticks would do 297.

but if your last ticks did 900, your glyph'd ticks would do 997.

Either way you cut it or try to do the math, that's not a 33% increase.

bbz62 said...

dont really know where to post this so imma ask here (also posted on the wow boards)

Hey fallenman,

I just had a few questions regarding my spec and stuff. First here is a link to my armory : http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Kil%27jaeden&n=Jozeywalez

I had read on your blog today that you stated you felt 53/1/17 was the way to go for max deeps (with coa and an imp) but i chked your armory today and saw you were spec'd something different. So does 53/1/17 still reign supreme or did you find out something new and useful after the patch.

2nd : My glyphs are Immo, Corr, and SL atm. Should i swap out Corr for Imp imp?

3rd: This is obviously a noob ? but here goes. Why use Coe instead of coa when theres a Dk or moonkin. (I'll prob get flamed for this one but id rather ask then not know why)

Lastly : With 13.88 % hit atm and another 3% from talents am i always gonna leave suppression maxed or is now the time to start taking some points out of it.

mahalo in advance.

Otory said...

Its only Me, or Affliction DPS Decreased????

Malhavoc said...

Despite the glyph not being so good as hoped, is it now the better choice compared to corruption or imp?

Cody said...

I'm with Nibuca. It is a 33% increase over the untalented naked spell.
Last normal tick under those circumstances = 217.
217 x .33 = 71.61
217 + 71.61 = 288.61 ~ 290.

It is ALSO a flat damage increase. It just so happens that blizzard does math differently. They take a base spell w/ nothing added, figure out a flat damage increase for it, then figure out what percentage increase the "extra" ticks will give after all is said and done. If it worked out to a 20% increase, they'd have said that.