Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An update to the Affliction Guide

Edited part of the guide, changing it to this:

If you can pre-cast, you should start with a shadowbolt, and then haunt. Now, many people often ask why you would do this, and some people are even under the misconception that casting haunt after your DoTs is somehow more efficient. Think about it this way: Haunt should have 100% uptime for the entire fight. And since DoTs receive the bonus no matter when the debuff went up (before the DoT was cast, after the DoT was cast, makes no difference), it only matters that the debuff is up. So, why would you cast DoTs first, and have the first several ticks not get any benefit from Haunt? If you're going to have Haunt up the entire fight anyways, wouldn't it be better to have ALL ticks benefit from Haunt? Of course. The same goes for shadow embrace. The first stack is put on by that shadowbolt, and the second stack by Haunt.

So, your intial cast rotation will look like this:

Shadowbolt > Haunt > UA > Immolate > CoA > Corruption > Siphon Life. After that, you're now into what is called "filler" time. If your raid does NOT have a moonkin druid or unholy death knight, you will use CoE for your curse instead.

If you cannot pre-cast, then start with instant cast DoTs such as CoA, Siphon Life, and Corruption. Getting these up as you move into position will start your dps up sooner.


Eddie said...
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Cedric said...

Hey Fallenman,

I'm using this way to contact you as I can't post on the us wow forums (I'm on eu wow servers).

First I want to thank you (and Maso) very much for the updated talent guide.

Second I think you may have misunderstood Isamu.

The point is, your demo builds are end build and I think he is right with his points.

Basically the demo tree is not as linear as the affliction tree. One may have to respec one or more times while leveling, as certain talents are important at low or mid levels and become less important at higher levels.

This could be reflected as follow in you guide:
Demo leveling 1-n build
Demo levelling n-n2 build
Demo levelling n2-80 build


Fallenman said...

I haven't leveled as demo, so if you have suggestions for specs to plug in to those 1-n n-n2 etc spots, I'd be glad to listen!

As for the ratings, only solo ratings apply towards leveling. But as i explained, they also apply towards level 80 grinding, farming, etc, so it has to be taken into consideration all aspects. If we start getting too much more specific in ratings, such as "sub-ratings" for leveling, etc, we're going to have too much noise in an already long guide. Otherwise where do we draw the line? Leveling? 5 mans? Solo'ing elites? questing?

You get what I mean. :) But again, post leveling specs if you want, as I'm happy to list alternative leveling specs in the guide.

Keith said...

When do you guys think you'll be coming up with a loot list of sorts? What priority are you holding different stats too? Crit, Haste, SP? (Obivously Hit is still the best until you're capped).

Intra said...


Nikrona said...

This past year I quit the game.Only to return to see Blizz has Broken the Lock Class.
I was an ok Lock at Best and wanted a few for tips about one of the links you posted about Deep/Destro Build 2 / 13 / 56

You were saying something about Backdraft only having 2/3 points there....can one throw that extra point into soul leech since you only have 2/3 there?

Next...I'm a Clicker,& do not know how to set up a Macro for this speck...Could you Help me set one up for this build?

What is the spell Rotation for End game Raiding & csating Times in wich to do so? & Propper Hit Cap...

And does Crit out weigh Haste for this Build ?

My thanks for Helping those who have Fallen from Grace...Happy New year...Cheers!

Tim Sisk said...

Why start with Shadow Bolt on your spell rotation and not Haunt? IF the reason is to get Shadow Embrace up at the start of the fight, does not Haunt do that as well? Or is there another reason?

Thanks for your response.

Anonymous said...

@Tim Sisk
Because it puts up two stacks.