Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why Corruption is still worth casting as Heavy Destro

Consider this: a screenshot of a single Recount of a single boss fight. Consider it the "in practice, biopsy-style" theorycraft, taking a single slice of a fight rather than a whole night of fights smushed together.


Incinerate: 50 casts, 302930 total damage.
Cast time: 1.93.
DPCT OF INCINERATE: 302930 dmg / 96.5 (total time spent casting) = 3139 DPCT

Corruption: 56 ticks, 44599 total damage.
Cast time: 1.35 (hasted GCD)
56 ticks, since Corruption has six ticks per cast, is 10 casts with four missing ticks.
44599 (damage) / 56 (number of ticks) = 796 (average damage per tick)
44599 + 4 * (796) = 47783 (amount of damage those ten casts should have done in total)
DPCT OF CORRUPTION: 47783 dmg / 13.5 (total time spent casting) = 3539 DPCT

Thank you for playing. I do Bar Mitzvahs.

Side notes:
1.) That does include Imp Corr, which I have. Nevertheless, the DPCT is remarkably higher and would at worst even out untalented.
2.) The Incinerate damage is including whatever it gained from the Molten Core uptime it wouldn't have had without Corr being up.


Bigbiggs said...

Very nice to know! I always figured it was beneficial to be casting it now that it's become instant but now there's some good math that I could have done but couldn't have really bothered.


PS; What about CoA? Now I know you wont be able to use it all the time but if you do get the opportunity, is it worth it as heavy destro? Taletned? Untalented?

Bigbiggs said...

Hmm. Free time to answer my own question...

Curse of Agony: 96 ticks, 41200
Cast Time: 1.35 (hasted GCD, assuming no Amp Curse)
95 ticks. CoA has 12 ticks per cast, is 7 casts with 11 missing ticks.
41200 (damage) / 95 (ticks) = ~433 (avg damage/tick)
41200 + 11*433 = 41200 + 4763 = 45963 (damage CoA should have done)
DPCT OF CURSE OF AGONY: 45963 dmg / (1.35*~8 time spent casting)
= 45963 / 10.8 = 4255

So it appears as though it's certainly worth casting.

Ira said...

st saw on the forums where Fallenman is trying out a Destro spec, and I know Cleary had one too. Any good/bad things to say about it? I've been toying with the idea of switching it up, but I'm hunting at a Immolate glyph (no one has it?) before I do.

Fallenman said...

I like the destro spec, as it did well for me on the beta. Unfortunately last night it was taking 5 seconds to get off an instant cast due to lag, so my WWS/dps reports mean jack squat. :/

Clearly said...

I've been extraordinarily pleased (and pleasantly surprised!) by the numbers I've put out as heavy Destro. Aff is probably still better on paper, but Destro is holding its own, at least from my experience.

Not only that, but it's an immensely fun spec to play. Highly recommend.

Intra said...

what rotation where you using as destro?

Darklawdog said...

I would like to know the rotation as well. The only destro I have played is SB spam.

Mark said...

Gawd I love you guys (fallenman and clearly) yeah if you guys could post what your rotation is that would be sweet. I def enjoy destruction build. Also I'm wondering what stats to stack first.. I know HIT% is number one.. with spelldamage 2nd but is it crit next or haste? And if you are the solo lock in the raid would you put up elements or agony? (I usually put up elements to help out other casters). anways TY you again for this blog!

Fallenman said...

CoA, chaos bolt, immolate, incinerate.

conflag, chaos bolt, immolate, incinerate.

repeat. refresh CoA