Sunday, November 30, 2008

Affliction, Imp vs Felhunter

Right now, it appears there are some bugs occurring, and it's swaying the results of these 2 pets into a far different set than what we were seeing and testing on beta at level 80.

To start, on the beta, the imp's in combat (while casting) regen rate was around 40 mp5. It's OOC was 400 mp5.

Currently on live, the in combat regen rate appears to be around 100 mp5 (maybe a tad more). It's OOC is still 400 mp5.

What this means, is that on the beta the imp would go OOM about 3-4 minutes into a fight in a raid situation. Currently on live it can go that long without ANY raid mana regeneration, solely sustaining itself that long on its own mana pool and regen rate.

I presume this is a bug, but I guess time will tell.

The felhunter. On the beta, the felhunter would get upwards of 350+ dps for an affliction warlock. The imp would only get around 240 on your average fight. Currently this is not the case.

Currently the felhunter seems to be bugging, and stops casting shadowbite at times. At other times he actually stops attacking altogether. I'm still collecting data, but I have several WWS reports of my own where on boss fights he's got an exorbitant amount of downtime (ie, not attacking), even though he should have been attacking the entire time.


Intra said...

I noticed the same thing on felhunter also it likes to stop dpsing. It also has horrible servibility right now. I can think of 2 fights in nax that he ether dies or despawns due to me having to jump from one platform to another platform, I hope they fix this type of problem, it is not like a hunter where they have a 1-2 sec cast to get there pet back if it despawns.

Anonymous said...

What about the spell damage increase from the spirit buff? Is that worth taking into consideration?

Ixyltrixl said...

I was watching your video you posted earlier and what are the mods you are using for the combat text and the displays of your toons info/mob info that replaces the standard blizzard one ? I can't seem to find what it is.


Ira said...

I was wondering why my felpuppy just sits around sometimes. Hopefully they will fix this soon. Has there been any talk about fixing the Haunt bug as well? It's not game breaking, but not getting health back on multiple mobs makes me sad.

Darklawdog said...


I believe it is Scrolling Combat Text.


Spirit buff should be overwritten in a raid setting.

Fallenman said...

Swallaswaswa, most raids will have a priest with spirit that is better than the felhunter buff anyways. And they don't stack.

Ixyltrixl, I'll make a post about what is in my UI, as well as a screenshot of my current UI, probably tonight or tomorrow. Watch for it there. :) I think specifically you're looking for Scrolling combat Text, Pitbull unit frames, and Mobinfo2.

Ira, many bug reports have been made about haunt, so let's hope it gets fixed!

Darkwlawog is right, and I'm too lazy to go back and edit my post. :p