Monday, November 10, 2008

Affliction Scaling, and Update to Original Affliction Post!

I have updated the original post I made on affliction raiding, in order to make it relevant to level 80 content. It includes updated DPCTs and updated build.

There is something very interesting I want to note. And that is, the scalability with affliction in this new expansion. For any affliction warlock, spell power is THE stat and is paramount above all else. You can never have too much spell power as affliction. Previously, in BC, spell power hit a plateau around T5. From that point on, the amount of spell power increases you got were small, meanwhile you had crit and haste shoved at you left and right. This made affliction DPS fall very far behind.

The devs have mentioned they know this happened and are watching to try and make sure the same thing doesn't happen again. So far, gear in the xpac that was seen on the beta reaffirms that stance. Below, I have laid out some BEFORE and AFTER dpct's and dps numbers, to show how affliction scales with some stats.


Warlock A has spell hit cap, 1400 spell power, 17% crit from gear (35% raid buffed), and 0 haste.

Warlock B has spell hit cap, 2000 spell power, 27% crit from gear (45% raid buffed), and 229 haste (7%).

Warlock A DPCT:
  • Corruption: 5911
  • Curse of Agony: 7036
  • Immolate: 3103
  • Siphon Life: 3531
  • Unstable Affliction: 4116
  • Shadow Bolt: 1559
Warlock A DPS:
  • Corruption: 493
  • Curse of Agony: 293
  • Immolate: 310
  • Siphon Life: 177
  • Unstable Affliction: 412
  • Shadow Bolt: 1559

Warlock B DPCT:
  • Corruption: 8957
  • Curse of Agony: 8516
  • Immolate: 4216
  • Siphon Life: 4952
  • Unstable Affliction: 6025
  • Shadow Bolt: 2275
Warlock B DPS:
  • Corruption: 697
  • Curse of Agony: 355
  • Immolate: 393
  • Siphon Life: 231
  • Unstable Affliction: 562
  • Shadow Bolt: 2275

So, as you can see, the DPCT of DoTs scales incredibly well, mainly from spell damage increases. I can only imagine what the top stats in the best gear this xpac will have to offer will be. I'll do some number crunching later on theoretical "top" values, and see what we come up with. But for now, you can rest assured that affliction seems here to stay.

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