Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Server Downtime... And My Own Little Rant

As many of you have been aware, the servers were down for the greater part of 24 or more hours. In fact I'm not even sure if they're up yet at this point. I lurk the WoW Customer Service forum on a regular basis, and I just have to say one thing:


Yes, my rant is not directed at blizzard. Without going into too much detail why, I'm a server engineer myself. My company has roughly 500+ servers, and some of them perform critical functions as my company is involved with service in healthcare, etc.

Most people probably cannot even begin to comprehend the massive undertaking infrastructure-wise just to simply run warcraft for 11 million people. What we get for a mere $15 a month ($12 a month if you pay "in bulk" like me) is a steal. Yes, blizzard is a multi-million dollar corporation, with endless resources, etc and so on. However, when it comes to computers, there is only so much money can buy. One thing it can't buy, is time....

When problems arise that are more than the redundancy that's in place can handle, servers go down. Databases crash. Data becomes corrupt. No matter if you have 5,000 people working on the issue, computers can only go so fast. Database transactions can only be re-done or reverse only so quickly. And that's after you've found the problem, which in and of itself takes time. When blizzard's employees are working on a problem, they want to know it's fixed and why it's fixed and what the root cause was, before they go and set the servers loose to the public. If they don't, it could come back and bite them in the ass, and cause even more downtime.

Coming back to my original point, downtime should be expected. However, it never ceases to amaze me the number of people who post on the CSF forums and are throwing a tantrum that even a 2 year old would be embarassed about. It all seems to stem from this new "entitlement syndrome" that people have. People think they are entitled to anything and everything they want because they say so. There was one guy ranting about how he pays "hard earned cash every month" and "expects nothing less than the best customer service possible in return". Really? For $15 a month? $15 a month buys you 3 cups of coffee from Starbucks, served to you by some greasy dude with a liberal arts degree and enough balls to put out a tip jar after charging you $5 for your cup fo coffee. It doesn't buy you "the best customer service possible". Ugh, what a tool.

end rant.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, stellar post. It seems like the entire playerbase of WoW is up in arms about this.... Chill pill, Valium, whatever you people need to do, but calm down. O_O

It'll be okay. I promise. The WoW, it is coming back.


Fallenman said...

My favorite are the ones who threaten to cancel their accounts, when you know and I know, they would die before they'd cancel their accounts.

Ira said...

I wish they would fix whatever causes the forums to go down when there is a problem with the game. They are usually good with updating us on the situation, but most of the time I can't even get on the forums to see if there is an update.

But I do agree, people need to be a bit calmer about server problems.

Beavt8r said...

I'm in total agreement. is a game, after all. Go play outside or something...or read a fantastic Warlock blog ;)

Jeff said...

god i want to fuck Ira.

small town american thinker said...

Dead on. Blizzard does a fine job keeping their servers up and you shit happens. Hell I only manage around 30 servers and its a bitch. Can't imagine what it is like for them. Servers down go out in the Real world and get some fresh air..or read up on your class mechanics as so many players need to do. :-)