Thursday, November 6, 2008

Upcoming Changes for Affliction?

Ghostcrawler made this post:

I've mentioned a couple of times that we want to simplify Affliction's rotation a little. Making the dot durations more consistent would help, but so would things like getting a couple of spells (Immolate and Siphon Life maybe) out of the rotation.

I'm not talking about nerfing Affliction, nor making those changes in a vacuum. This would be a redesign so that things felt more natural with ~4 abilities instead of ~6.

Feedback is, of course, appreciated.

So, it sounds like we may see something "soon" in terms of helping out with affliction rotations. You can be sure that I will make any/all necessary changes to the affliction how-to raid guide. I will also update the guide right before WOTLK to be more inline with level 80 raiding. Nothing major will change, except for the DPCT numbers and the spec used.

In my humble opinion, I think raising the duration of Immolate and UA to 18 seconds, and the duration of Haunt to 15 seconds would go a long way in fixing rotations. At the same hand though, if they are going to do a revamp to remove some of the lower DPCT dots by giving our filler something stronger, this would help the rotation as well as the debuff limit problem!


jd said...

Hi Fallenman,
Love your efforts for the warlock community. Many thanks there.

What are your thoughts to having a high level warlock talent that allows you to put up two dots at once? Say a talent that states whenever you apply corruption (or refresh) then Siphon Life is put up (or refreshed).

Though actually now that I look at it I see some problems with any other combination besides Siphon Life. Having UA & Immolate tied together seems really cool, but tying two spells with cast times might be tough. Though applying UA any time you cast Immolate would be SWEEET!!!

But linking corruption to anything really wouldn't help too much since you're not recasting Corruption.

You wouldn't want to refresh CoA automatically since it does most of it's damage at the backend. And you don't want to make CoA a "must do" since sometimes CoE is preferred.

The only other one that I could see actually technically working is maybe have Haunt refresh more than just corruption. If it could refresh Corruption and UA, that would be a big help.

Fallenman said...

Yeah you don't want it to refresh a DoT that is on a different duration than the other.

That said, I had suggested the DEVS add siphon life to EA to be refreshed by haunt.

Based upon what GC said, looks like they have some ideas, so I'm anxious to hear what they implement.

Kyle said...

My prediction is Siphon Life will become a buff on your player that gets refreshed via EA (not clipped) and basically becomes a passive HoT in raiding situations via Haunt/Drain Life. This would eliminate 1 item off the debuff list as well. I could still see a change to Fire & Brimstone to effect Immolate and refresh it upon casting Conflagrate to help assist the destruction rotation as well. All other DoT's I can't see much change other than Duration related like moving Corruption to 24sec or UA back to 18 or Haunt to 15.