Monday, November 24, 2008

Level 80 Raiding

Within the next 2 weeks, expect that there will be a new all encompassing WOTLK raiding guide. :) I am happy with the numbers I did in naxx this week, and look forward to improving upon those. Got a fair share of nifty upgrades too. (which is cool, cuz I'm notoriously bad at winning anything with /roll)

I'll update the affliction raiding/rotation guide with a patchwerk video and WWS report soon.

However, I do have my first little one expected this week, so if I'm AWOL for a bit you know why. :) Happy warlocking! Also, if you're looking for spec ideas, I'm happy with the one I have at the moment, so just armory me.


Ira said...

Grats on the little one!

And I can't wait for the level 80 guide! Gotta start looking at gear and making wishlists and I need the BEST WARLOCK GUIDES EVER!

Fallenman said...

Thanks Ira. :)

I got like 4 upgardes in my naxx run. I was lucky with the /roll, which never happens.

Andrea said...

Grats on the pending arrival of your new minion!

Looking forward to the raiding guide as well.

Intra said...

My guild this week cleared all 25 man and 10mans this week. I'm falling bad at dps. I was averging around 2200dps or less. the other warlock has about 100less dmg than me but is using 2 peice t7 and 4 peice t6 and has around 200 more spell hast than i do. I did notice that fiscal dps is diffent blizzards new flavor, frowning on warlocks and mages alike:(. hopefuly it gets better for me otherwise i might have to retire after i have raided every instance in game.

warrick said...

Well i m aff/ruin spec and have problems about dps. 1799 spell dmg, 284 hit, 13 crit and 259 haste
Those r my stats. Just following haunt-sb-all my dots and using haunt when cd off and sb as filler.
When i practice with target dummy have 2000 dps but problem is when i join heroics hardly push 1800 dps. Any clue what i m doing wrong ?

Clearly said...

The difference between heroics and a target dummy is primarily fight length. When you're testing on a dummy, chances are you're going to be doing a much longer "test" than you would on an heroic mob. In an heroic, mobs will generally die before you can get more than two or three ticks of each dot up. This is a disadvantage, because affliction dps is slow at the start and then ramps up considerably once you have a full rotation up.

warrick said...

can some 1 explain me which stats r important and what is the order?
for aff hit>spell dmg>spirit>haste>crit
or am i wrong ?
for destro ?

Keith said...

What sort of dps were you doing? I seem to be doing 2k in 10 mans which seems pretty low.