Monday, November 10, 2008

Level 80 Hit Cap

Seeing this question asked a LOT lately. So, here you go:

  • 17% = 446 spell hit rating (rounded up)
  • 14% = 368 spell hit rating (this assumes +3% from talents OR raid buffs)
  • 13% (alliance only) = 341 spell hit rating (this assumes +3% from talents OR raid buffs, and +1% from draenei racial)
  • 11% = 289 spell hit rating (this assumes +3% from talents AND +3% from raid buffs)
  • 10% (alliance only) = 263 spell hit rating (this assumes +3% from talents AND +3% from raid buffs AND +1% from draenei racial)


Darklawdog said...

I would be a bit worried about all the alliance racials and all the talents giving +hit. The talents only work for affliction or destruction spells and neither work for soulshatter (unless something changed very recently). The racials could vanish with an untimely death. (of course you already know this, but I'm just putting it out there).

Though they will all be beneficial when gearing for starting raids.

Ira said...

I haven't really had the chance to sit and look at the WotLK loot tables and stats. 446 sounds like a lot, does the gear we're going to get support that much hit without sacrificing other stats?

Fallenman said...

For the most part there is quite an abundance of hit on gear. Of course, it will take time to gear appropriately selecting the best upgrades as you go. Don't go crazy by taking 10 hit over 50 spell power, for example.

Off the top of my head, I know a few of the naxx pieces have something like 70 or 80 hit per piece.

In terms of soulshatter being unaffected by the +hit talents, I'm not too concerned. You're only adding that 3% chance for soulshatter to be resisted, and most of the times that resist is not going to make or break you for the fight. This is largely due to the threat changes.

Of course this could change by the time we hit T10, so who knows what will happen ultimately. :D

Ira said...

The recent threat changes have been very yummy. Though the loss of Salv still makes me a bit sad. I also don't like relying on other classes for hit rating. Especially now that most raiding will be done in 10 mans (well mine will anyways), there is no guarantee you'll have those classes.

But you are very right to say things will probably change before we get to where we really need to worry about it. Hopefully for the better for Locks.