Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Major bug with Everlasting Affliction, patch 3.0.3

This is the bug:
Upon refreshing corruption with EA, the spell power coeffiicent of corruption drops from 186% to 159.6%. Or, as the devs like to put it, drops from a .31 coefficient per tick to a .266 coefficient per tick.

What's happening is that when EA refreshes corruption, the DoT's base coefficient is reverting back to 93.6% or .156 per tick.

See the above thread on the WoW forums for the testing I did to discover this.


Wasewei said...

Blah, to bad affliction has a bug just when they fixed the ruin+ conflag issue this one pops up.

Korsakov said...

Is it worth the GCD to refresh Corruption manually or are we screwed for dps atm?

Fallenman said...

I wouldn't bother with it right now. With any luck they fix it before we get into serious 80 raiding anyways.